Why Medicine Alone is Not Enough: The Role of Psychotherapy in Mental Healing

Existential REBTA substantial portion of the people struggling with mental illness that I have spoken to recently seem not to understand the crucial importance of psychotherapy to their long-term healing. These are people who were prescribed medicine for their condition, and are now under the impression that faithfully taking their daily dosage will completely cure their illness.

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Was Mormonism Founder Joseph Smith A Sociopath?

Joseph SmithI am currently reading a fascinating book entitled God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is an excellent author, one of the most talented journalists of our time and certainly one of the foremost critics of religion. Upon reading through one of it’s chapters titled “Religion’s Corrupt Beginnings,” I came across a discussion of a practice I admittedly know very little about: Mormonism. Hitchen’s discussion of the beginnings of Mormonism criticize its founder, Joseph Smith, of being an opportunistic liar with a personal agenda and a long history of conning the public.

Hitchens says a lot about Smith and describes the founding of the Mormon Church in good detail, yet shrewd as his observations are, he fails to reach the conclusion that I am tempted to draw: Joseph Smith was likely a sociopath.

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